Municipal Law in California refers to the legal needs of the state’s cities and counties, some of which can be more complex than others. This area of practice deals in matters related to education, taxation, land development, employment and anything else that impacts local government and organizations.

With specialized knowledge in this field, the attorneys of Moore & Bogener are qualified to provide counsel for all aspects of municipal law. Our attorneys currently represent municipalities and various districts throughout the Northern California region in proceedings involving the public sector. We work with different departments and divisions of a city to keep them informed and ensure the compliance of all code, documentation and training requirements. Our legal services allow governing agencies and elected bodies to do their jobs more efficiently within the guidelines of the law and assist in enhancing intergovernmental relations.

Our firm has handled many cases involving laws that fall under California’s Municipal Law, such as the Brown Act (opening up local legislative meetings to the public for attendance) and the Public Records Act (giving the public access to government documents), as well as election, public safety, labor and employment laws and much more.

At Moore & Bogener, we believe that effective municipal management requires progressive legal counsel.